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Lauren O'Connell - ABOUT ME 


I’m not sure where to even start. Currently, I’m figuring out how to navigate my internal compass while working as a Beauty Editor for Cosmopolitan Middle East, raising my two Gen-zers, exploring my spirituality, and loving up my new puppy! 

My husband and I moved to Dubai 13 years ago and everyday just “grow with the flow”. 

- Skincare and beauty expert 

- Lacked confidence until i was 38 years old 

- Also known as “Mom, what’s for dinner?!” 


- I meditate everyday otherwise I get lost in the chaos 

- Obsessed with acai bowls 

- Gave up self-tanner two years ago and it’s “pale and pretty” or “pretty pale” (depending on how you look at it) from here on out 

- Always felt like I was born in the wrong place and dreamed of living abroad - Have a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering (my dad told me to do it and at 17 years old I didn’t think I had a choice lol) 

- Also have a master of science in nursing, certified in broadcast journalism, and reiki level one! 

- I love to explore the world. My favorite countries (subject to change!) are Tanzania, Japan, and the Maldives. 


- My husband isn’t the biggest fan of appearing in my social media content so I rarely post him. Here’s a pic of him though (I promise he exists!) 

- It’ll be 16 years of marriage in September. We tied the knot in 2006. What was I thinking - I was only 23! 

- In retrospect, way too young. I’m glad we’ve been able to grow together and not apart. I’m nowhere near the same person that I was! 

- One of my purposes in life is to uplift women in every way I can that aligns with my personal ethos.

- I really struggled with giving my power away for a long time. I think I had to figure out how to be soverign first on my own so I can guide others and launch them forward with my own light and awareness. 

I could go on and on but I’ll stop here. My content will share with you much more than these post-it notes can. Thanks for reading! 

Lauren O’Connell 

American beauty expert, Lauren O’Connell, is the Beauty Editor for Cosmopolitan Middle East magazine and a science geek. Or geek chic as she likes to say. Lauren has a Bachelor of Science in bio-mechanical engineering, a Master of Science in nursing, and a memorable way with words. She is a New York Film Academy certified broadcast journalist. In addition, she has trained extensively as a TV Presenter under the tutelage of Gareth Davies, creator of the Strictly Come Dancing and Dancing with the Stars television programs. 

She combined her passions for beauty, wellness, and science to create skincare and makeup ingredients-focused content with a cosmic twist for her social media platforms and website, She also creates editorial content for Los Angeles celebrity dermatologist, Doctor Jason Emer. 

Lauren frequently interviews celebrities and beauty brand founders, including Huda Kattan, Mario Dedivanovic, and Charlotte Tilbury. She recently moderated the fireside chat at the Futr World Summit in Abu Dhabi between Michael Ward, CEO of Harrods, and Kerem Atasoy, Vice president of Farfetch. Lauren frequently hosts live events for Cosmopolitan ME the GCC region. 

The launch of Lauren’s weekly instagram Live show, Cosmic Chats with Lauren O’Connell, was an instant success. Lauren interviews influential people in the beauty, holistic health, and wellness industries about anything and everything under the sun. She’s a certified Reiki Level One self-healer and is forever on a journey of self-exploration. Lauren aims to uplift other women while figuring out how to navigate her own internal compass. 

Lauren lives in Dubai with her husband, two children, and labradoodle puppy, Teddy. She’s known to frequently answer the age-old question, “Mom, what’s for dinner?!”.

Planet Lauren


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