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Lauren O'Connell

As the Beauty Editor for Cosmopolitan Middle East, I proudly embrace my identity as a science geek—or geek chic, as I like to call it. With a Bachelor of Science in bio-mechanical engineering and a Master of Science in nursing, I spent the earlier years of my life deeply connected to science. However, this was more of parents’ wishes than my own.

In my mid-20s, I took a leap and started a beauty-themed Instagram account at the insistence of some friends. I’ve always been a sort of beauty encyclopedia-and it wasn’t uncommon for me to get calls from friends at Sephora asking what mascara it was I recommended at lunch the day before to knowing the best hairdryer on the market or the latest foundation release. My love for beauty products began as a little girl, from trying on my grandmother’s lipsticks when we visited her house, to slowly walking down the makeup aisle at grocery stores when shopping with my parents. I was amazed by the power of transformation that makeup products could give.

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In the Arabian Desert, only a few minutes away from my home.

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Just after interviewing Jo Malone on stage at the 2022 Beauty World Middle East in Dubai, UAE.

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My two boys-my son, Jack, and doodle, Teddy.

In between going to class and studying during my university days, I spent a lot of my free time reading beauty magazines. In my heart, I wish I was studying to be a beauty journalist, or to work for a beauty brand or even be a TV presenter. Life has a funny way of working itself out, and I believe the callings we have in our soul are there for a reason. While I initially strayed off course, my internal GP Sanded up bringing me back to where I feel I was meant to be, 20 years later.

In 2018, I took a leap and signed myself up for a summer course at the New York Film Academy and became certified in Broadcast Journalism and took extra training in Dubai as a TV Presenter. This led me to another path in my career as a panel host at beauty conferences as well as guest appearances on TV.

In my role, I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing some of the biggest names in the beauty industry, such as Huda Katan, Mario Dedivanovic, and Charlotte Tilbury. One of my standout moments was interviewing Jo Malone, the founder of Jo Loves, at the‘ Next in Beauty’ Conference at Beauty world Middle East. Additionally, I participated in a panel discussion at‘ Next in Beauty’ where we delved into future aesthetic trends. In December 2021, I had the honor of moderating a fireside chat at the Futr World summit in Abu Dhabi between Michael Ward, CEO of Harrods, and Kerem Atasoy, Vice President of Far fetch. Hosting live events for Cosmopolitan ME in the GCC region has been incredibly rewarding

With my daughter Veronica at the Sephora Press Day in downtown Dubai, spring 2024. She’s my forever plus one!

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Today, I’m the Beauty Editor of Cosmopolitan Middle East magazine and I am launching my beauty brand later in 2024. I’m also mid-way through chemotherapy as I type this after being diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma Type 2A Breast Cancer on December 15, 2023. I’m a fighter, a go-getter, and have a strong spirit. Nothing can stop me from living my life as fully as I can.


Always looking to blend my passions for beauty, wellness, and science, I created Planet Lauren, a platform where I share skincare and makeup content with a cosmic twist. My podcast, Planet Lauren, is launching September 2024.


I recently published my first eBook, Manifest Like Lauren, to share my unique approach to manifesting desires into reality. Alongside this, I’m a certified Reiki Level One self-healer and continuously explore ways to enhance my journey of self-discovery. My mission is to uplift women by sharing tips and tricks to help them navigate their own internal compasses.


Living in Dubai with my husband, two children, and our labradoodle, I find joy in balancing my professional life with the everyday question, “Mom, what’s for dinner?!”My own special blend of family life and professional passion keeps me grounded and fulfilled.

8- Caption- Interviewing Mario Dedivonovic, celebrity makeup artist and founder of Makeup

On my 39thbirthday. I interviewed celebrity makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic at Mirdif City Centre, Dubai.

Hosting a breast cancer event held by my friend Vicki. Little did I know I was less than 2 months away from being diagnosed myself!


Right after shaving my head during chemotherapy. I was still in a state of shock!

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