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Cosmic Chats

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Welcome to Lauren O’Connell’s Instagram Live series, Cosmic Chats. Lauren hosts a wide range of guests in the beauty, wellness, holistic health, and entertainment industries. Her goal is simple-to uplift her audience, learn a new thing or two, and having an engaging (and fun!)conversation with her guest

Previous Guests

Priti Malik, celebrity RJ at Virgin Radio Dubai

Shallon Lester,“Queen of the Girls”YouTuber and social media star

Akash Mehta, founder of Fable and Mane haircare

Maria Leonard, spiritual coach and founder of Life Scripting

Priti Malik, celebrity RJ at Virgin Radio Dubai

Kate Lapland, founder of Legology

Be A Guest

Join me on Instagram Live or my Planet Lauren Podcast as a special guest! Share your insights, experiences, and expertise in beauty, wellness, or spirituality. Engage with our vibrant community, inspire others, and promote your personal brand. Let's create meaningful conversations together! Interested? Fill out the form below.

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