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  • Why is Lauren in Dubai?
    I crave adventure in my very nature. When my husband had the opportunity to relocate to Dubai for work, I said yes before he did! The three of us (I was pregnant) moved here in January of 2009 for what was supposed to be two years. We love it so much and decided to stay a while longer. Both of my children are born here. They don’t have dual citizenship but instead are considered Americans born abroad.
  • How many kids do you have?
    I have two children and they’re both Leos. 🦁 My daughter Veronica was born in 2009 and my son Jack was born in 2011. My puppy, Teddy, is also a Leo. ♌
  • What’s your sun, moon, and rising sign?
    I’m a Scorpio sun, Aries moon, and Cancer rising. ♏♈♋
  • How can we work with you?
    Email me at
  • Why don’t you use self-tanner anymore?
    I got sick and tired of trying to look like someone I’m not. My natural skin doesn’t tan, and it took me 38 years to accept the fact that pale skin is beautiful too. I feel so liberated knowing I’ll never have orange-stained sheets again, streaks on my skin, and weird, smelly chemicals slathered all over my precious body.
  • Will you move back to the US eventually?
    Most likely. Dubai isn’t a forever place!
  • What’s it like being a Beauty Editor for Cosmo?
    I’m usually elbows deep in the latest beauty products, interview inspiring women, and get to go to amazing PR events. I can’t complain! It’s also a lot of work too and I spend a lot of time behind my computer creating fresh content for the magazine. I love it and dreamt about doing something like this my entire life. I used to buy Cosmo religiously (it is ~the Bible~ after all) and to be the Beauty Editor now is so dreamy. My younger self would be amazed.
  • Your skin is so glowy! What’s your routine?
    Thank you! You can find my morning skincare routine here ( and evening skincare routine here (
  • Where can I buy the products you use?
    I have them both on Amazon and Shop My Shelf. Here’s the Amazon link for morning ( and evening ( The same products on Shop My Shelf are here. Morning ( and Evening (
  • Can you link me to your Amazon Store?
    Sure, it’s here (
  • I’m obsessed with you. Where can I find more?
    Ahh thank you! You can find me on YouTube, Instagram, and Tik Tok. I also have all my articles here on Cosmopolitan Middle East.
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