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My experience in Bali

Updated: Jun 4

~My Eat, Pray, Love moment~

A year or so ago, a psychic told me I’d get the opportunity to travel to India on a whim, and I’d know in my heart I needed to go. She was right about everything except instead of India, the idea of taking a trip to Bali, Indonesia (India-Indonesia, close enough name wise!) came about.

My best friend, an Emirati, mentioned we should go together, and I said YES! YES! YES! In my very being, I felt a strong pull and a yearning towards this adventure to Bali. I’ve always known that Bali has a naturally high frequency, and being the meditation-loving, crystal-hoarding, high-vibin’ woman I am, I had to experience it myself.

We hastily booked the trip (shout out to my hubby who did the grunt work) and a couple short weeks later, found ourselves on Emirates Airline flying direct to Denpasar, Indonesia. We landed, went through customs, and headed to our hotel, the Anantara Uluwatu.

Bali Manifestations

A few interesting things happened to me, which I 100% manifested (I am the Queen of manifesting, after all).

My Economy class ticket was upgraded to Business class both to and from Bali (just as I had visualized it) and our hotel room was double upgraded (to be fair, I only visualized one upgrade so bonus points for two!). We originally booked a two-bedroom garden villa and ended up in a three bedroom, two floor ocean view villa with an infinity pool. Heaven.

The Vibe

Bali is laid back, health-conscious, and the people are SO friendly. The terrain, beautiful. The lush greenery is a huge contrast to my Dubai, desert-dwelling life and I soaked in all the beautiful nature around me. The country has a large Hindu and Muslim population, and I felt a strong spiritual energy everywhere I went.

I felt completely safe the entire time and couldn’t wipe the big perma-smile off my face. No one (and I mean no one) wears bras on the island. Needless to say, I joined in on the fun and let my nips do the talking. I was comfortable, content, and felt a feeling of “completeness”.

We drank fresh coconut water every day, enjoyed the beautiful sunsets, shopped a bunch, and ate delicious food.

What I Brought with me to Bali


Bali is all about the relaxed boho chic look. I wore relaxed, loose clothing including comfortable, flowy dresses this  and this. I wore my favorite “Tory Burch sandals” with the entire trip and never once touched the high heeled wedges I brought!

Sunglasses are a must and I switched between my expensive Tom Ford’s (thanks mom!) and my budget-friendly Amazon shades. 

Beauty Products

My husband always laughs at me because whether I am going away for one night or one month, I still haul the same number of products wherever I go. I figured this trip was less about makeup and more focused on skincare and I was right.

Our flight was 9 hours and when I combine that much time in the air with my already ultra-dry skin, going heavy on the moisture is my priority.

I packed Salt by Hendrix’s super hydrating Squalane oil to sink deep into my skin for maximum moisture, Rodial’s Lip Oil (which IMO is more of a buttery gloss than an oil) that kept my lips soft and smooth both in the air and on the ground, as well as Drunk Elephant’s Lala Retro Whipped Face Cream to replenish all the moisture my skin lost and keep my skin barrier strengthened and hydrated.

You can shop all my travel beauty must-haves here.

Shopping and Restaurant Recommendations in Bali

Kynd Community Restaurant, Seminyak.

The type of vegan food that you can’t believe is vegan. I’m trying to incorporate more vegan meals into my diet, and I could honestly eat here every day (I wish!). It was so good that we went twice.

Sea Gypsy, Uluwatu

I bought so many beautiful crystals at this shop as well as a Warriors of the Divine kimono. I’ve been eying Warriors of the Divine for years and luckily my friend noticed Sea Gypsy as we were driving by and had our driver make an (emergency 😉) stop.

The Find, Uluwatu

I can’t think of a better name for this shop. I bought gorgeous homeware, crystals, and even some beautiful jewelry too. I came back with gifts for my 12-year-old daughter from this shop and she loved them all.

Mercredi, Seminyak

A boho chic homeware shop that I left with bags (and I mean bags) of goods. I bought a beautiful Balinese basket adorned with seashells, table runners, terra cotta pots, and more.

The Loft, Uluwatu

Food so good that we had to go twice (and got the same thing both time!). This open-air restaurant is chilled out, full of healthy options, and caters to a mixed crowd. If you go, get the beetroot and falafel burger. You’ll thank me later.

Inanna, Uluwatu

Another gorgeous crystal shop where I literally hoarded gemstones. I also purchased a beautiful pink dress here from their collection of relaxed-fit, soft clothing.

Will I be back? Absolutely. Next time I’ll be traveling to Ubud too. I hear it is next level in terms of its frequency and I look forward to exploring and experiencing it.

I leave every place I travel to with thanks and gratitude. I love Bali.

Have you been to Bali? If so, what are your recommendations and favorite memories? If not, do you want to travel there one day too?

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