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I’m in the midst of learning how to navigate my own internal compass and am sharing my journey with you. Here you’ll find skincare and beauty advice, self-exploration, and wellness tips, all topped with a generous dose of encouragement and empowerment.


When I’m not elbows deep in beauty products or mindfully meditating, I’m usually answering the question, “Mom, what’s for dinner?”!


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All things mind, body, and soul

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How to naturally plump up your lips

Pucker up, girls! We found out how to get a gorgeous, plumped-up lips à la Angelina Jolie. No injections, duck lips, or trout pout.

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This new skincare brand in the UAE is specifically targeting your acne

Yet another iconic beauty brand has made its way to the sandpit and we are soooo here for it!


Nudestix has skincare that we never knew we needed

Talk about perfect timing! Our fav five-minute makeup brand, NUDESTIX, just launched their new skincare range in Dubai and we’ve got 




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